Cory R King

impressively versatile

Personal Profile

Who am I?

I'm a nerd, entreprenuer, and all-around creative guy!

First Computer: Commodore PET.

Favorite Beer: Rogue Mocha Porter.

Personal Interests

In my downtime, you can catch me doing one of the following:

  • I love to go camping;
  • I shoot lots of photos;
  • I create short films using stop motion animation;
  • And I play my Yamaha MO8.

Technical Skills


Front-End Web Development


Back-End Development


PostgreSQL / MySQL


Release Management



Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer

Development Design Marketing
  • Guided by lean startup principles, performed hypothesis testing on potential features and markets.
  • Used off-the-shelf tools to create an easy platform to add landing pages used for A/B testing.
Company: Clubhouse
Period: 2014

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Python Javascript and more…
  • Led development for a wide range of customer-facing web-based features including data import, schedule and calendar management, and a highly popular meal planner.
  • Led grassroots effort to lower engineering and customer service costs by creating a suite of internal “self-service” tools for use within the entire company.
  • Took complex “raw” data and distilled it into accessible, understandable reports for marketing, engineering, finance and product development.

Senior Operations Engineer

  • Achieved 99.9% uptime on a system with more than 11 million accounts and peak loads of over 80,000 requests/min.
  • Greatly improved reliability and maintainability of Cozi’s application stack by migrating from a pool of “one-off” bare-metal systems into a hybrid cloud system.

Release Manager

  • Worked with stakeholders and engineers to coordinate the release and deployment of over 20 different products.
  • Led effort to drive the company to an automated, continuous deployment system.
  • Identified and removed bottlenecks in the release process, shortening deployment times from up to an hour to mere minutes.
Company: Cozi
Period: 2010-2013

Owner, Founder

Development Design Marketing
  • Creator of a content management system—Mozicode. The largest website is Photographica; a community photo-journal.
  • Based on usage statistics, user feedback, and new trends in technology, added (and sometimes removed) features on the website in order to improve the community and better monetize the website.
  • Created a sophisticated rich-text editor in order to remove the need for users to learn a specialized markup language to add photos and slideshows in their stories.
Company: Mozi Media Group, LLC
Period: 2004-2012

Freelance Software Developer

Python C# UI Design
  • Worked with an extreme sports blog,, to allow for better integration of advertising, more control over content placement, and greater focus on the client's video content.
  • Created a new version of Azalea’s flagship barcode software.
  • Worked with Azalea and their business partners at SAP to develop a new barcode feature in Crystal Reports.
Company: Mozi Media Group, LLC
Period: 2004-2008

Senior Software Developer (contract)

C# ASP.NET UI Design
  • Lead developer & designer responsible for “version 2” of a web-based scheduling application.
  • Lead developer responsible for the front-end design and implementation of a WPF-based change management system.
  • Improved the team’s development process by instituting an automated build and deployment system.
Company: Microsoft
Period: 2009-2010

Education & Diplomas

Michael G. Foster School of Business; University of Washington

Master of Business Administration

Graduation: 2014

University of Washington

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication

Graduation: 2004

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